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Business Development Strategies focused on Customer Experience. UB Universal provides business development solutions focused on Sales, Customer Experience, and Marketing, and training. We offer training and coaching for sales, customer service, teams and individuals.


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We begin with needs analysis and discovery. We will help you define what you want to accomplish and what you have to do to get there. We evaluate the resources and tools you currently have at your disposal to accomplish your goals. We examine your strengths and weaknesses for a solution that drives to your goals.


We build a strategy based on what we learned in the Analysis phase. The strategy is built to deliver ROI and drive growth. We understand what you want; our mission is to give you what you need to get you there.


Creating solutions is what we do. These are designed specifically for your company, not something we pull out of a box. It has been said the definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over with the same results”. We create and deliver a unique solution that will separate you from your competition.


It’s time to launch. We’ve listened, learned, analyzed, created and now we are ready to deploy the solutions to help you drive growth. It doesn’t stop there.

Got Customers?

Prospecting Tips and Techniques.
Discover why lead generation and prospecting are not the same thing.

We develop sales strategies that grow business with existing customers and focus on building new customers.
Assess existing sales and customer service best practices.Training and Coaching. Sales, Customer Service, and staff to enhance and build the customer experience. Programs we developed and customized for the client.


Over sixty Percent of business in America is still generated by word of mouth. Your customers are a huge potential source of lead generation. It’s called referral.
The process focuses on every touch point with the customer. This involves connecting the Silos in your company; Sales, Customer Service, and Operations. The rewards of a positive customer experience are customer retention, loyalty, and customer referral.
We provide training, coaching, and team building focusing on customer experience. These are programs we develop and customize for our clients.


Development of printed materials and displays for sales calls, networking events, trade shows, conferences, and sales kits.
We design and create presentations for teleconferences or live presentations to leads and prospects. Set up to also work for conferences and networking events.
Write, edit, and create copy (text) for social media, blog posts, newsletters, or website.
Digital Media and Marketing.
We rely on our affiliate, Transload Marketing Solutions based in Stockton CA. Everything from award winning videos, websites, search engine optimization, and social media marketing from a company we know, trust, and value.

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